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  • The Touchy Business of Relationships and Money

    Our founder was interviewed on NPR Marketplace

    The lender usually gets a better interest rate than they would if they kept their money in a savings account. And a borrow certainly gets a better rate usually than what they would from a bank.
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  • Lending Money to Friends: How to Ensure Good Karma, Not Bad Blood

    LendingKarma.com provides a streamlined way to track, document and manage loans.
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  • 4 Money-Etiquette Questions Answered

    If you do lend money to someone, you can boost your chances of being repaid by putting the agreement in writing with explicit terms, such as interest required and payment due dates. LendingKarma.com sets up a legally binding loan for you, including a payment schedule, recordkeeping and e-mail reminders.
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  • The Protocol of the Personal Loan

    Create a formal agreement between you and your lender that specifies the payoff date and a payment plan... LendingKarma has customizable loan agreement forms and a loan tracker available.
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  • Finovate Startup 2009 Preview

    The Wall St. Journal was there to cover our public launch

    LendingKarma allows borrowers to document and track peer-to-peer loans.
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  • Five Ways to Consolidate High-Interest Debt

    Online services like LendingKarma.com offers a loan forms kit for as little as $14.95. (For $59.95, you get all necessary forms to document the loan, plus payment tracking and year-end reporting that will come in handy at tax time.)
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  • Family Finance: Be Cautious When Lending Money to Relatives

    (Originally appeared in the New York Times via the Associated Press)

    Forms can also be found at LendingKarma.com, where users can set up e-mail payment reminders for borrowers. Payments can also be entered and tracked on the site.
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  • Don't Make Lending A Family Affair

    You can use an online resource such as LendingKarma.com to purchase a standard loan agreement for a small fee. It can then be customized for your specific needs.
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  • Social Lending Site Reviews

    A professional loan arrangement, such as those provided by LendingKarma, can help take some of the headaches and heartaches associated with personal loans out of the picture.
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  • Peer-to-Peer Sites Offer College Loans

    (This article also appeared on Fox Business News)

    A brief mention of LendingKarma.

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