About Us

LendingKarma was created during the depths of the financial crisis (when banks weren't lending to anyone), to empower individuals and small businesses to successfully lend and borrow money with one another.

Wall St. Journal - Oct 14, 2008

While acknowledging that banks provide a useful service, it's also possible for borrowers and lenders(savers) to work together to create a win-win scenario that can be used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, a bank loan. That's where LendingKarma comes in.

Our Product

Our online service guides you through the process of documentation to full repayment of your loan. Think of us as a trusted third party that provides the structure that increases the likelihood of success for everyone involved.

LendingKarma helps you:

  • 1) Calculate a payment schedule that works for both the borrower(s) and the lender(s).
  • 2) Clearly define and document all loan terms
  • 3) Track the loan all the way through repayment with flexible payment tracking and friendly payment reminders

Before LendingKarma your options were either:

  • Don't lend or borrow money with anyone you know because it's too risky!
  • Formalize with a handshake and a check and wait for the disagreements to unfold.
  • Use a legal form site, free or paid, where you sign the form(s) and not be disciplined tracking repayment, especially when things need to be adjusted.
  • Hire an attorney, where you pay for an agreement and still have the same repayment tracking discipline problems.

Since our launch at Finovate in April 2009 we've helped thousands successfully lend and borrow money with people they know.

If you've got a success story to tell about how we helped make your person-to-person lending experience a success please don't hesitate to drop us a line.


LendingKarma.com was founded by an experienced team that has founded or helped create several online person-to-person lending sites since 2005, including an online loan agreement generation service, a micro lending site, and now LendingKarma.com (http://www.LendingKarma.com).