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Successfully Lend Money With People You Know

LendingKarma has successfully helped thousands like you lend wisely.
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Your Trusted Partner

Using our attorney prepared templates, LendingKarma generates a customized PDF loan agreement.
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Keeping You on Track

Use our flexible payment tracker to manage and track loan repayment.
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LendingKarma Will Help you to ...

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    Save Time!

    Our online software sevice can help you create your custom loan agreement in minutes!

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    Save Money!

    Our service is a cost effective way to help guide you through the process of lending money with people you know.

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    Save Hassle!

    Remembering to keep up with payments or worse, having to hassle others about payments, is a pain. Our electronic payment reminders can help.

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    Stay Organized!

    LendingKarma grants permanent access to your loan document, tax reports, and loan details for all loan participants.

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    Protect Relationships!

    LendingKarma can help stop disagreements and problems before they start, and help you protect your relationship!

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    Stay Flexible!

    Loans often change over the course of repayment. Our simple but powerful payment tracker can adapt to the changing demands of your loan, keeping your loan current and accurate.

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Why our customers love LendingKarma

image description Edie Thompson (Owner, SWAT Academy, LLC)
Lending Karma has made it extremely easy for me to invest in businesses with confidence.... I highly recommend them to anyone who is lending money whether it’s to a friend or a small business – it doesn’t matter as their service is so professional and easy it makes the lending process painless! SEE MORE TESTIMONIALS...

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$230,915,323.44 in customer loans!
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